Participate in the Maricoin-Canalejas Route!

November 1 to 30, 2023
  1. If you already have your Mariwallet, you can buy your Mariwallet from the button “Buy Maricoins” Access the tutorial if you don’t know how.
  2. Enjoy in the participating establishments and share your experience on Social Networks. The more the merrier
  3. When paying, the POS of the establishment will generate a unique QR. When you photograph it from the Mariwallet you will be paying with your maricoins.
  4. The POS will generate a ticket or a QR. Send it to and win fantastic prizes.

Pay with your maricoins, share your experience on Social Networks and send your purchase tickets to for great prizes.

  1. The first 100 people who pay in maricoins in any of the participating establishments and post their experience on Social Networks will receive 50% of what they spent in maricoins, up to a maximum of 50 euros. Tickets must be sent in.
  2. The maricoiner who completes the Route, making a drink in all the establishments and sharing his experience on Social Networks, will receive in maricoins all the money spent. It is essential to send tickets.
    – If several people have completed the route, the winner will be the one with the highest consumption.
    – If several people tie in consumption, the winner will be the one who has shared more times on Social Networks.
    – If no one completes the Route, the winner will be the person who has consumed in more establishments for a higher value.
  3. All those who have consumed in at least 5 establishments and have shared their experience will be invited to two sandwiches or paninis and two drinks in one of the local Food Hall, the ‘Harlem’. Tickets must be sent in.