“Never in the closet, always in value”



If you are a maricoiner, you will get the following advantages

With MariCoin you will be able to buy and get discounts at your favorite establishments or pay your friends from mobile to mobile.

I don’t want to be a speculative currency, I want to be the currency of the collective. The more you use me, the more value I will have.

Do you want me ?

Do you want to spend or invest in Maricoin? The coin will increase in value from the price of $0.026 (October), $0.027 (November), and so on until it is listed on the main exchanges that support Algorand. If you want to purchase and use your maricoins at the merchants you can do it from our Mariwallet.

Download the Mariwallet now and become part of the first issue of a currency that will improve the world: Maricoin


¿Quieres conseguir tus maricoins?

En el exchange Tinyman podrás cambiar monedas de ALGO por maricoins.