Advantages of MariCoin for the associations and organizations



If you are an organization or association you can get the following advantages.


You will get 20% of the total issue of Maricoins, US$ 50 million, in order to receive and invest in the collective interest generated.


Each association will receive 1 MariCoin for each MariCoin purchased by its members.


These maricoins will remain in staking ‘ (fixed term) and the associations will be allowed to use the interests earned for their activities.


In numbers

1 out of 5 coins will be in the hands of LGTBIQ+ associations around the world. This represents a total of US$50.5 million at the starting price on the exchanges (1 MCOIN = $0.025).

In addition to this amount, 2% is convertible into fiat money (euros or dollars) and earmarked for projects that require immediate liquidity.


How can the association participate?

It is very simple…


Complete the registration form and inform all your associates of the existence of the currency.


The association will receive a welcome bonus of 10.000 maricoins and the instructions to create its own wallet.


We will place your logo on our website and send you the MariCoin Pride Kit.


For each MariCoin purchased by one of your associates, you will receive the same amount for free.


Complete the registration form

In a few simple steps…

If the association belongs to a national or international federation, indicate the name and email of the contact person
If the association is endorsed by at least two other associations, indicate the name and email of the contact persons
1. Una vez firmado el Manifiesto y completado este formulario, tu asociación, si está federada o si presenta dos avales de otras asociaciones del colectivo, recibirá su MariCoin Pride Kit [enlace], así como 10.000 MCOIN como bonus de bienvenida.
2. Cuando se realice la Oferta Inicial de Moneda (ICO), se habilitará una sección en la web vinculada a los exchanges para adquirir maricoins por parte de los asociados. Por cada MariCoin que se adquiera indicando una asociación, la asociación recibirá una donación de otro MariCoin.

Do you want me?

Do you want to spend or invest in MariCoin? The coin will be priced at $0.025 (0.022€) on the main exchanges that support Algorand. If you want to reserve maricoins at this starting price, you can do it by signing up on this waiting list.

Join the waiting list and be part of the first issue of a coin that will change the world.

Waiting List

Lista de espera ampliada de Maricoin - 5 al 15 ene